Creating Resilient Supply Chains

Join the SEDE Network in a conversation with Zack Valdez, Chief of Staff, U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains; Buckley Brinkman, CEO of the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing & Productivity (the MEP Center for WI); and Nikhil Kalathil, PhD student in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon […]

Implementing the CHIPS for America Initiative

Join the SEDE Network in a conversation with Sam Marullo, Senior Policy Advisor to Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo! Sam is currently acting as chief strategy officer and policy director for the CHIPS Program Office and he will be discussing the implementation of the CHIPS for America initiative and the Department’s efforts to revitalize the […]

Showing Impact: Reporting on Federal Funds for Community Development

Federal recovery and investment programs are expected to benefit communities across the country. How will these benefits be measured? What data and metrics will state, and local governments need to provide to describe the programs’ impact on their communities? In this webinar, we will hear from evaluation experts and federal program leaders about ways to […]

Incentive Compliance Roundtable: Data Sharing and Communication Across Agencies

Economic development organizations need data to complete incentive compliance and reporting activities. Some of this information is available from companies and the economic development agency, but other state agencies often have important data that can play a key role in incentive performance evaluation. However, access to company-specific workforce and tax data is usually limited. How […]

Incentives Compliance Network Roundtable: Supporting the Compliance Team

Incentives compliance management requires resources. We will discuss organizational structure, staffing profiles, training needs, and information systems that states use to monitor incentives. We will also discuss how to make the case for greater support from executive leaders. Participants will have the chance to ask questions of their peers and share their perspectives on effective […]

Incentives Compliance Network Roundtable: Techniques for Managing Defaults and Delinquencies

What happens when businesses struggle to meet the commitments associated with their incentive agreements? We will discuss how statutes and program rules in different states address non-performance. Participants will have the chance to ask questions of their peers and share their perspectives on effective approaches. The event will be moderated by Ellen Harpel of Smart Incentives.

The CHIPS and Science Act – A $50 Billion Investment

Andrew Stettner is the Director of Workforce Policy & Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation, where he has been researching and advocating for inclusive bottom up economic development in manufacturing communities. Andrew will review a model of technology and manufacturing economic development, and delve into key portions of the CHIPS & Science Act of 2022 […]

Incentives Compliance Network Roundtable

Meet and hear from your incentive compliance colleagues in other states. Attendees will talk about our recent work and have an open discussion about challenges and opportunities for the field, with Ellen Harpel (Smart Incentives Founder and CEO) leading the conversation. The roundtable will be informal as the conversation will focus on topics that are […]

Enhancing State-Regional Partnerships: A Closer Look at Economic Development Districts & the CEDS

Across the country, there are nearly 400 federally-designated Economic Development Districts (EDDs) that promote economic development planning and project implementation urban, suburban, and rural regions. They provide important administrative, capacity building, and technical support to local communities and serve as an important convener for region-wide initiatives. EDDs also write and maintain their region’s Comprehensive Economic […]