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  Blog: Bolstering Apprenticeships in the US: Lessons from Germany

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The American Council on Germany, in collaboration with CREC/SEDE, will administer a 6-day study tour to two German cities to learn about, explore, and experience firsthand the strengths and shortcomings of the German system to help identify how U.S. states could model the positive elements of the apprenticeship system for use in the United States. The program will run from October 15-21, with meetings held in Bonn, Cologne, and Stuttgart. The delegation’s program will consist of:

    • Meetings with German economic development professionals, government officials (federal, state, and local), and employer associations and unions to understand German policies as they relate to apprenticeship training.
    • Tours of German Berufschulen (vocational schools) and inter-company training centers to meet with teachers, trainers, and apprentices and to see the equipment firsthand, including understanding how education aligns with business.
    • Tours of manufacturers to see on-the-job training, learn about best practices as well as challenges, and understand the employers’ perspectives on apprenticeship, diversity, and more.

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Beyond Training: How State Economic Development Agencies Are Helping Companies Develop Talent

This paper, developed for the State Economic Development Executives (SEDE) Network, describes promising practices for talent development and how economic development agencies can help companies access the talent they need. It discusses various types of activities that state economic development agencies may consider going forward and what some state economic development agencies are already doing to cultivate a talent pipeline.

Good Jobs for all Americans

Montana Governor Steve Bullock led last year’s NGA Chair’s initiative. Called “Good Jobs for All Americans,” it is designed to better understand challenges and trends and identify actionable solutions to help education and training initiatives.