Marketing Your Improved State-EDD Alignment

Good news – you’ve begun to improve strategic alignment between your state and your economic development districts. However, communicating the change to your organization, partners, and stakeholders can be challenging. Please join us for an October 6th webinar where two state leaders will discuss the techniques they use to market the changes they that are […]

Making the Case for State-EDD Alignment

Join this upcoming webinar for a lively conversation on a topic that has people talking – the strategic alignment and collaboration between states and Economic Development Districts (EDDs). The hour will begin with a brief overview of the six state-EDD teams working in CREC’s Policy Academy to improve their alignment. Following the Academy introduction, Trish […]

Collaborating for Success: Economic Development State Association Networking Call

Join this upcoming call to continue the lively conversation on a subject that has sparked a lot of interest lately- Economic Development District State Associations! The hour will begin with three short presentations from State Associations in Missouri, Oregon, and Virginia, followed by breakout groups to continue the discussion. The call will focus on the […]

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Briefing

In this third briefing on Manufacturing Cybersecurity hosted by AMCC, you will learn from national experts about what state and regions can do together to efficiently prevent thieves and dictators from slowing down America’s manufacturing progress. Chris Buthe (California Manufacturing Technology Consulting), Nichelle William (CREC), and Ben Linville-Engler (MassTech) discussed the issue and how they […]

Annual International Engagement Strategy – A Platform for State and Regional Collaboration

International engagement is an important component of a state and region’s economic growth and should be a critical component in your strategic planning. The two key elements of international engagement are exporting and foreign direct investment (FDI) which are major drivers of economic growth, accounting for over 26 percent of U.S. GDP and supporting millions […]

Creating Resilient Supply Chains

Join the SEDE Network in a conversation with Zack Valdez, Chief of Staff, U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains; Buckley Brinkman, CEO of the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing & Productivity (the MEP Center for WI); and Nikhil Kalathil, PhD student in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon […]

Implementing the CHIPS for America Initiative

Join the SEDE Network in a conversation with Sam Marullo, Senior Policy Advisor to Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo! Sam is currently acting as chief strategy officer and policy director for the CHIPS Program Office and he will be discussing the implementation of the CHIPS for America initiative and the Department’s efforts to revitalize the […]

Showing Impact: Reporting on Federal Funds for Community Development

Federal recovery and investment programs are expected to benefit communities across the country. How will these benefits be measured? What data and metrics will state, and local governments need to provide to describe the programs’ impact on their communities? In this webinar, we will hear from evaluation experts and federal program leaders about ways to […]

Incentive Compliance Roundtable: Data Sharing and Communication Across Agencies

Economic development organizations need data to complete incentive compliance and reporting activities. Some of this information is available from companies and the economic development agency, but other state agencies often have important data that can play a key role in incentive performance evaluation. However, access to company-specific workforce and tax data is usually limited. How […]

Incentives Compliance Network Roundtable: Supporting the Compliance Team

Incentives compliance management requires resources. We will discuss organizational structure, staffing profiles, training needs, and information systems that states use to monitor incentives. We will also discuss how to make the case for greater support from executive leaders. Participants will have the chance to ask questions of their peers and share their perspectives on effective […]