Incentives Compliance Network Roundtable: Techniques for Managing Defaults and Delinquencies

What happens when businesses struggle to meet the commitments associated with their incentive agreements? We will discuss how statutes and program rules in different states address non-performance. Participants will have the chance to ask questions of their peers and share their perspectives on effective approaches. The event will be moderated by Ellen Harpel of Smart Incentives.

The CHIPS and Science Act – A $50 Billion Investment

Andrew Stettner is the Director of Workforce Policy & Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation, where he has been researching and advocating for inclusive bottom up economic development in manufacturing communities. Andrew will review a model of technology and manufacturing economic development, and delve into key portions of the CHIPS & Science Act of 2022 […]

Incentives Compliance Network Roundtable

Meet and hear from your incentive compliance colleagues in other states. Attendees will talk about our recent work and have an open discussion about challenges and opportunities for the field, with Ellen Harpel (Smart Incentives Founder and CEO) leading the conversation. The roundtable will be informal as the conversation will focus on topics that are […]

Enhancing State-Regional Partnerships: A Closer Look at Economic Development Districts & the CEDS

Across the country, there are nearly 400 federally-designated Economic Development Districts (EDDs) that promote economic development planning and project implementation urban, suburban, and rural regions. They provide important administrative, capacity building, and technical support to local communities and serve as an important convener for region-wide initiatives. EDDs also write and maintain their region’s Comprehensive Economic […]

Learn about NSF’s Regional Innovation Engines

NSF will host a webinar to present the NSF Regional Innovation Engines initiative.  The NSF Engines program will provide up to $160 million to each Regional Engine for up to 10 years to support the development of diverse regional coalitions to engage in use-inspired research and development, translation of innovation to society, and workforce development […] – Your Resource for International Engagement

This webinar will demonstrate the newly revamped USA competes and highlight its resources for international engagement strategies.  USA is the one-stop resource for state, regional, and local economic development organization (EDO) to develop an international engagement strategy and to be ready to compete in the global economy. International engagement includes the promotion of the sale […]

Incentives Roundtable: New Findings on Remote Worker Attraction Programs

As more people are able to work from – and live – anywhere, states and localities are increasingly offering incentives targeting remote workers. The move to remote and hybrid work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend, with dozens of new programs emerging in the last two years. Will these worker attraction […]

DEI and Manufacturing

Please join the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative, The Century Foundation, and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance for a 60-minute briefing and panel discussion on infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into the American manufacturing sector. Speakers: Introductions Michelle Burris, The Century Foundation Audra Ladd, Urban Manufacturing Alliance Matt Bogoshian, AMCC Panel Dr. Girard Melcanon, Former Vice-Chancellor of […]

Strengthening Connections Between States and Economic Development Districts

As pandemic recovery continues throughout the United States, there is a tremendous opportunity right now to better coordinate economic development planning efforts at the state and regional levels to drive prosperity and resilience. The NADO Research Foundation and Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) hosted a webinar highlighting how state economic development offices and regionally-based […]

International Trade as a Component of a State’s Economic Strategy

The recent supply chain challenges have spotlighted the central role that international trade plays in our state and local economies and the importance of developing a comprehensive international trade strategy. International trade is 12 percent of our nation’s gross domestic product and supports millions of good paying jobs. The State International Development Organizations (SIDO), the […]