National State Planning Grant Webinar

For the webinar recording, click here. For a copy of the presentation slides, click here. Webinar description: Please join CREC on January 11th at 3:00 pm EST for the national State Planning Grant project update! At this webinar, we will present findings based on a comprehensive survey and detailed interviews with each State Planning Grant […]

Alternative Metrics: New Ways to Communicate Incentive Performance

Economic development is more than business attraction and retention, but jobs are still the main metric by which programs are evaluated. How can economic development leaders move the conversation beyond “jobs, jobs, jobs” to convey the scope and impact of their efforts? In this webinar, we will discuss alternative metrics, pros and cons of implementation, […]

Statewide Planning Grant Topical Webinar: Workforce

Join fellow EDA Statewide Planning Grant recipients as they discuss their activities related to Workforce. Iowa will share lessons learned through identifying key workforce attraction needs and challenges, specifically in the biosciences industry cluster, and Delaware will share their work in developing multiple workforce-related reports, such as a gap analysis, skills assessment, and an equity-centered […]

Statewide Planning Grant Topical Webinar: Planning

Join fellow EDA Statewide Planning Grant recipients as they discuss lessons learned in planning. Nevada will share practices on bringing tribes and regional groups together, and Utah will discuss the importance of regions giving feedback and showing up in the planning process. Speakers: Nevada: Fred Steinmann Utah: Laura Hanson and Terrah Anderson   You can […]

SLEDS: A New Tool for Economic Development Strategies

Please join Tyler Baines of the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) for a November 1 (4 pm ET) webinar to introduce and demonstrate SLEDS – the State and Local Economic Development Strategies tool. SLEDS was created by CREC with funding from EDA to help economic developers develop strategy and improve their alignment with partner […]

CHIPS: The Intersection with States

Want to know more about CHIPS? Please join the State Economic Development Executives (SEDE) Network for an October 26th webinar at 3 pm (ET) to learn more about the CHIPS and Science Act and how state governments can support applications and other activities to support the semiconductor industry. The CHIPS and Science Act provides the […]

Marketing Your Improved State-EDD Alignment

Good news – you’ve begun to improve strategic alignment between your state and your economic development districts. However, communicating the change to your organization, partners, and stakeholders can be challenging. Please join us for an October 6th webinar where two state leaders will discuss the techniques they use to market the changes they that are […]

Making the Case for State-EDD Alignment

Join this upcoming webinar for a lively conversation on a topic that has people talking – the strategic alignment and collaboration between states and Economic Development Districts (EDDs). The hour will begin with a brief overview of the six state-EDD teams working in CREC’s Policy Academy to improve their alignment. Following the Academy introduction, Trish […]

Collaborating for Success: Economic Development State Association Networking Call

Join this upcoming call to continue the lively conversation on a subject that has sparked a lot of interest lately- Economic Development District State Associations! The hour will begin with three short presentations from State Associations in Missouri, Oregon, and Virginia, followed by breakout groups to continue the discussion. The call will focus on the […]

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Briefing

In this third briefing on Manufacturing Cybersecurity hosted by AMCC, you will learn from national experts about what state and regions can do together to efficiently prevent thieves and dictators from slowing down America’s manufacturing progress. Chris Buthe (California Manufacturing Technology Consulting), Nichelle William (CREC), and Ben Linville-Engler (MassTech) discussed the issue and how they […]