CREC and partners are developing educational programming on state-EDD alignment to raise awareness and highlight the importance of collaboration opportunities while also demonstrating ways states and EDDs can improve overall alignment and coordination.


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Curriculum for State Leaders

CREC and project partners are developing a peer-led online curriculum to guide new and experienced state economic development leaders as they align state efforts with that of the broader economic development ecosystem, understand federal agency resources and enhance the working relationship with EDDs. This initiative will be available later in 2022.


Several blogs have been developed to summarize different events that highlight state/EDD strategic alignment:


  • The American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative (AMCC) has weekly calls to discuss the importance of manufacturing throughout the country.  CREC presented on state-EDD alignment in September 2021.
  • AMCC hosted a convening to discuss the development of manufacturing community ecosystem metrics that can drive state-EDD alignment and collaboration.  This work was done in partnership with NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership.
  • CREC discussed state-EDD alignment at NADO’s 2021 Annual Training Conference.  The presentation can be found here, and the results of a live poll can be found here.
  • SIDO’s 2022 Washington Policy Forum hosted a session where CREC asked attendees their perspectives on state-EDD alignment.  The poll results can be found here.
  • CREC presented thoughts on state/local alignment at the NADO 2022 Policy Conference.  The presentation can be found here.
  • NADO participated in the 2022 Western Prosperity Roundtable Forum and discussed the value of state engagement with EDDs and RDOs. The presentation can be found here.