Welcome to the CREC Statewide Planning Grant webpage! This webpage is the central hub for CREC’s EDA-funded project analyzing the 2021 Statewide Planning Grant program under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

What Did we Do?

This EDA-funded project included a follow-up survey as well as individual interviews with grantees and other stakeholders. The project also included the creation of a data tool summarizing the full spectrum of state-EDD alignment in COVID recovery planning and funding efforts. The survey, administered in May and June 2023, established a knowledge base​ and provide more context for one-on-one interviews with ​state grant managers.

How Did We Do It?

Following the successful nationwide survey of the 59 State Planning Grant grantees, the CREC team began conducting in-depth one-on-one interviews. The interview process began in the summer of 2023 with the last interviews conducted in January 2024. The goal of the interviews was to deepen the knowledge gained through survey responses and broaden the topics covered to include detailed accounts of grantee-EDD relationships.

The interview protocol consisted of 10 questions and covered project details, EDD relationships, partnerships with other stakeholders, and lessons learned. Questions were also adaptable to the grantee context, with options to identify why grantees did or did not partner with EDDs.

What Products Did We Produce?

This project culminated in a few key deliverables:

  A series of reports on best practices, roadblocks, and the results of our survey and interviews

  A database containing detailed information on grantee projects, partners, and priorities

  A list of grantee contact information and downloadable data for use by grantees

  Technical assistance to Statewide Planning Grant grantees

  A series of webinars covering projects in each EDA region and a handful of key topics