Update on the NSF Regional Innovation Engines

3:00 pm EDT

NSF will host a webinar to present the NSF Regional Innovation Engines initiative.  The NSF Engines program will provide up to $160 million to each Regional Engine for up to 10 years to support the development of diverse regional coalitions to engage in use-inspired research and development, translation of innovation to society, and workforce development — with the goal of growing and sustaining regional innovation ecosystems throughout the U.S. State and local governments, non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, for-profit organizations are eligible to apply, meaning your organization may be able to apply as a lead and/or partner with an eligible applicant.

VIDEO: Learn more about the NSF Engines Funding Opportunity

OVERVIEW: NSF Engines Fact Sheet for State and Local Governments and Tribal Nations

You can access the recording here.

For more information on the NSF Engines program, its funding model, and the NSF process for selecting awards (“merit review”), view NSF Engines recordings on NSF’s YouTube channel or download the overview presentation slide deck.

What’s Next?

  • Letters of Intent (LOI) are due on June 18, 2024. The one-page letter must be submitted in research.gov. Lead organizations must be registered in sam.gov. To lead an NSF Engines proposal, you need to submit a LOI but you can join an existing team as a core partner after the LOI deadline.  NSF will publish the LOI data.
  • We encourage you to learn more about the program and its competitive process for making awards by reading the NSF Engines program solicitation.
  • Review the NSF Engines Fact Sheet.
  • Check out previous NSF awards that have been made to organizations in your state or region using the NSF Engine’s data visualization tool. 
  • If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please complete the Reviewer Interest Form. Members of teams submitting proposals are eligible to be reviewers and encouraged to volunteer.
  • For anything else, email us at engines@nsf.gov.