State Trade Directors Discuss Coordinating Economic Development Strategies with Regional Partners

On March 15-17, the State International Development Organizations (SIDO) held their Washington Leadership Forum where over 40 state international trade directors convened for high level meetings with key federal officials. The session centered around our current project with the Economic Development Administration (EDA) focused on enhancing state and local EDO engagement to support Covid-19 recovery and resiliency.

How States are Using EDA Statewide Planning and Tourism Grants

The State Economic Development Executives (SEDE) network is interested in learning more about how states would be spending the $59 million in the non-competitive State Planning Grants and $510 million in the non-competitive State Tourism Grants. The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness conducted two surveys to learn state plans for each of the two grants.

Learning Local Perspectives on State and EDD Alignment

At the October 2021 NADO Annual Training Conference, Bob Isaacson from the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) had the opportunity to discuss state and local EDD alignment and collaboration with about 23 individuals (generally representing EDDs).

State Economic Development Bulletin – December 2019

Latest News The Case for Growth Centers: How to Spread Tech Innovation Across America (Brookings and Information Technology and Innovation Foundation). The innovation sector has generated significant technology gains and wealth but has also helped spawn a growing gap between the nation’s dynamic “superstar” metropolitan areas and most everywhere else. Neither market forces nor bottom-up […]

State Economic Development Bulletin – November 2019

State Economic Development Bulletin November 2019_POSTED   Latest News * New State Data on U.S. Affiliates of Foreign Multinational Enterprises (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis). Majority-owned U.S. affiliates (MOUSAs) of foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) employed 7.4 million workers in the United States in 2017, a 2.8 percent increase from the previous year, according to statistics released […]

State Economic Development Bulletin – September 2019

Latest News * SEDE Network Meets in Providence RI * Top economic development officials from nearly two dozen states met for SEDE’s bi-annual convening held September 8-9, 2019 in Providence, Rhode Island. The group was in Rhode Island for Sunday and Monday to discuss opportunity zones, trade and tariffs, urban and rural economic development, innovation, […]

State Economic Development Bulletin – August 2019

Latest News * SEDE Network Exclusive * How State Economic Development Agencies are Helping Companies Develop Talent (CREC) Businesses have been clamoring for talent for the past several decades. Though sustained low unemployment rates make the issue more apparent, the talent shortage that companies are reporting likely reflects structural demographic, organizational and technological changes as […]

State Economic Development Bulletin – July 2019

Latest News * SEDE Network Testifies at IRS Hearing on Opportunity Zones * Mark Troppe testified on behalf of the SEDE Network at an IRS hearing on Opportunity Zones held on July 9, 2019. This second public hearing for the second round of Opportunity Zone proposed regulations showed that the program’s staunchest advocates are still […]

State Economic Development Bulletin – June 2019

Latest News * SEDE Members Meet to Plan Providence RI Convening * A group of over 20 SEDE Network members met for a working lunch in Washington, DC to discuss critical issues of importance to state economic development executives and to plan the agenda for our Sept. 8-9 meeting in Providence, Rhode Island in conjunction […]